Winner of the Flying Robot International Film Festival 2016


One Step at a Time: The First Elephant Prosthetics

When Mosha, an elephant, was two years old, she lost her leg in a landmine injury along the Thai-Burmese border. Luckily, an orthopedic surgeon was able to fit her with the first prosthetic leg ever designed for an elephant. As she’s grown, she’s needed to be fitted for new ones. But she’s never forgotten the doctor who changed her life.

Meet a Metal Thrasher Turned Virtuoso Watchmaker

Dan Spitz, who played lead guitar for the metal band Anthrax, left the group in the '90s to pursue an unexpected path: master watchmaking. Now, he's one of the top watchmakers in the world, but can still shred a guitar like it's 1983.

The Concrete Cowboys of Philidelphia

For the past decade, Malik Divers has run a small Philadelphia stable where he trains teenagers to ride and keep horses. Divers says that the horses keep kids off the streets and teach them responsibility. For 18-year-old Shahir Drayton, riding has even become an essential form of therapy.


Profile on Connie Lim (aka MILCK), the women behind the #womensmarchonwashinton viral anthem #icantbequiet

The Los Angeles–based singer Connie Lim (known as MILCK) performed her now famous “Quiet” in a series of flash mob a cappella performances at the Women’s March with a group of singers from across the country. The all-female #ICANTKEEPQUIET choir rehearsed via Skype, but many of them sang together in person for the first time at the march. This is her first post-march interview and recording session.

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In July 2016, Qandeel Baloch, a Pakistani celebrity and social media personality, was strangled to death by her brother. According to reports, her sibling felt Baloch’s openly sexual and sassy online persona had brought such dishonor to their family that the murder was justified. The incident made headlines around the world, sparking anger and calls for an end to Pakistan’s outrageous tradition of “honor killings.”

Remarkably, in the midst of this stormy debate of what image is appropriate for a young Pakistani woman, Faiza Saleem quietly started the Khawatoons, Pakistan’s first all-female comedy troupe.

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Puerto Rico's drug addicts: 'Nobody wants to know them' | Guardian Investigations

Puerto Rico has an HIV/Aids infection rate nearly four times the US national average -- over half caused by injection drug use. I traveled to the island to report on the island's little-known crisis.


Hell's Garden | Chiang Mai monk creates most disturbing depiction of Naraka

A soft-spoken monk from Chiang Mai has created quite possibly the most disturbing depiction of Buddhist Hell we've seen yet complete with castration, disemboweling, bestiality, and more. 

San Zarni Bo: Myanmar's preeminent fortune teller

San Zarni Bo learned how to read palms while being held a political prisoner for opposing Myanmar’s ruling military junta. He is the country's most famous fortune teller and, along with his countless clients, he believes that he can tell one's destiny from looking to the stars or one's palm or one's birthday. Watch the new and original Coconuts TV profile.

I Wayan Mudana | One of Bali’s last master woodcarvers 

I Wayan Mudana, one of Bali's last traditional woodcarvers, sometimes takes over a year to complete a sculpture. He prays and meditates before beginning a project, seeking inspiration for the story that lives in each unique piece of wood. Watch our original video on this beautiful but dying art from the Island of the Gods.

On The Edge Of Genocide | One man's fight to preserve Myanmar's Rohingya

U Kyaw Hla Aung is a community leader and human rights activist desperately trying to alert the world to the plight of his people - the Rohingya. Despite evidence that the Rohingya have lived in Myanmar for centuries, the government classifies the group as illegal aliens. Today most Rohingya in Myanmar live in tragically overcrowded and unsanitary refugee camps. 

Fishing for Hope

This is the story of Adi, a fisherman in the remote village of Tumbang Nusa in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. Before I met him, Adi and his fellow fishermen, had forgone their livelihoods for over a month because of the thick toxic haze that blanketed their village. Fortuitously, on the day I arrived to film, the haze had dissipated enough for Adi to get back on the water.